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Real Estate Management (REM)

Reduced Fee Program


MFS can not only reduce fees, but can also supply both property management and real estate services allowing the entire process to move quickly and efficiently with the client benefiting from quick turn-around times and regular reporting.

  • Marketing and offer management

  • Reduced property management services fees

No charge for:
Keys to Agent / Access to Appraiser / Keys to Solicitor at Closing

With no charge to our clients, an opportunity exists for reduced property management fees and reduced realtor commission fees for any properties in the GTA listed by MFS Realty Services.

  • Client recommends appraiser and agent or MFS chooses from within our network

  • MFS orders appraisals and CMAs

  • MFS follows-up, receives and prepares listing package and forwards to our client for listing approval

  • All offers, price changes, are negotiated by the client

  • MFS can tailor a program specific to each of our clients with a full range of management reporting.

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